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. shitty thoughts | Levi Ackerman
warning; excessive use of profanities and mild sexual themes

[12.35 AM]
Are you up?
Can you talk?
[12.36 AM]
What’s up, brat?
did the demons under the bed keep your shitty self awake?
[12.36 AM]
Wow, even though it’s like half past midnight, you’re still an asshole
And here I thought I could hold a civilized conversation with the person I call my ‘shitty’ boyfriend.
[12.37 AM]
Don’t act smart, [Name], you know you’re not good at it
Either you tell me what’s keeping you awake, or I’m going back to this goddamn paperwork Erwin wants me to finish by tomorrow
[12.37 AM]
Technically it’s already tomorrow, and you’re still a jackass
But whatever
Sorry for wasting your precious time, bitch, Eren would be more than happy to hold a late night conversation with me, so hasta la vista, Ass-man
[12.38 AM]
Tch, brat,
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Serment by Rosuuri Serment :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,627 71 Commission - Lively Steps by Hyanna-Natsu Commission - Lively Steps :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 5,768 195 Gift - Amusement fwends by Hyanna-Natsu Gift - Amusement fwends :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 2,568 100
Familiar Tattoos (Eren X Artist!Reader) AU
~A/N: Includes Profanity, All Characters Are 22+ ~
    "It smells like fish sex and old hot-dog-water in here."
    "It's not my fault, I don't own the place."
    "Well I do, and I pay you to clean it, so clean it."
    He threw the torn and stained damp washcloth onto your face, and you cringed away in utter disgust, removing it as fast as possible and holding it far away by your fingertips. You glared harshly at the back of his head as he walked away, hoping you could burn holes through his raven hair. "Just because it smells like dicks in here, doesn't mean you have to become one," you called after him, dropping the cloth onto the table of your station and lazily wiping it back and forth.
    "I don't have to, Jean is enough of one for the both of us," Levi answered over his shoulder as he retreated behind the counter.
    "Huh?" Jean responded, poking out from beneath a table, hitting his head in the
:icongreystream:Greystream 108 40
Tea (Eren x Reader) |Reincarnated AU|
"Hi Eren. Would you like some tea?"
His head snapped up from his 3DMG, his rag clenched in his hand. He blinked at the girl holding a cup of tea. Strange.
"Tea? Uh, sure." He nodded, scooting over to make some room for his fellow soldier. Compared to everyone else but Armin and Mikasa, (y/n) was one of the selective few that he was quite comfortable around. She sat down slowly, not wanting to spill a single drop on her friend or herself.
"How much sugar?" She hummed, grasping the cup. He motioned with his finger 'one' as she handed him his cup without moving to adding any sugar.
"I figured you wanted your tea like that. I already put a spoonful of tea." She explained, watching him nod in thanks and take a small sip. He scowled at the hot temperature and she laughed.
"Say, you think the world will eradicate the titans?" She asked, staring into the sky. She sighed as she used her hands as a balance behind her. 
"I'm not sure, but I'll-"
"Kill all the titans? I know, I know." Sh
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 233 67
Famous!England x Reader
NOTE: This is my first fanfiction let alone countryxreader. If anything seems out-of-place, please tell me. 
The joyous screams and laughter practically exploded as soon as the dirty-blond haired Brit opened up his car door, stepping out slowly. He slipped his black-tinted sunglasses on and stuffed his hands into his short’s pockets. The sun beat down on his fair skin and the cool breeze tugged on his shirt gently. Taking careful steps towards the beach, he cast his emerald green gaze about; taking in the great blue sea that stretched beyond.
Making his way towards a relatively uncrowded part of the beach, he stopped and stood still. He frowned and his heart sank with a great, heavy feeling of loneliness. He had a fiancee, back home, and he knew she would love this right now. She always loved the beach and water in general. With a sigh, he kicked at the soft grains of sand, watching as the golden particles flew up due to the impact before settling once more.
He caught
:iconnamiechampe:NamieChampe 75 16
Popular!England X Bullied!Reader - Saving (Part 2)
“(Your Name)?” Someone called as felt someone poke their finger into your cheek, “(Your  Name!)!”
Their voice became that of a whine, consecutively calling out your first name as you were in a deep thought, daze rather as you weren't actually thinking of anything, before your eyelids blinked sleepily before you tossed your head over to the person who emitted the sound.
“Yes, Arthur?” You breathed, letting out a soft yawn, rubbing your eyelid gently, as to avoid making yourself look silly, before examining Arthur. Arthur seemed to be having a good day, his hair was on point, thus meaning the ruffles in his hair didn't look that of something of a bedhead, and his eyes were lively and playful. This was a rare day to see him in such a good mood. Actually, now that you think of it, its been a rare month. Ever since you made that promise  with him, he seemed as giddy as he was when he was younger. It seemed bizarre to some; they had only seen a p
:iconawriterofeverything:AWriterOfEverything 33 7
Popular!England X Bullied!Reader - Saving
You looked over your shoulder as you walked into the cafeteria, which you so humbly dubbed The War Zone, before heading to the furthest table in the back by the speaker where no one sat. It wasn't that the tables here were bad, actually it was the opposite. Except for the occasional dust, this was most likely the cleanest section in school. The only reason no one sat her was simply, and annoyingly, the speaker was broken. So, when the announcements came on, you would hear incredibly loud and earsplitting static before the announcement, which was usually cut off by the static anyway. However, you could wear ear plugs if it became a bother, so it was much e
:iconawriterofeverything:AWriterOfEverything 48 35
England X Reader: Dancing In The Rain
The sweet melody of rain drops swept you to your feet.  Your hotel room only held one window, and you rushed to it’s side and peered through the cracks.  To your joy, rain coated the glass.  Happily, you pulled the blinds open to get a better look.  
The skies were painted grey and drops of water fell to the ground and splattered on brick.  A consistent thumping sound made your heart race.  Some people in the streets fled the water in hopes of keeping themselves dry, others pulled out an umbrella and continued walking as if it was normal.  But where you were from, this was not normal.  Rain was a rare thing.  You left the window to grab stuff from your suitcase.  You had come to this part of England for a business trip and had to stay in your room since the meeting was postponed.  
As you dug your possessions out from your bag, you made two piles.  One full of stuff you would use eventually and the other full of stuff th
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 140 24
My Soldier, Germany
My Soldier, Germany
For the women scarier than Italy
    "Sorry, _______. I'm busy with work again." Ludwig apologized.
    "Oh. It's okay. I get it." you quietly answered.
    It was just another day. Ludwig was busy with work… again. Meanwhile, you were just lounging around your shared apartment. You used to ask him to hang out with you whenever he had off work, but you soon discovered that an off-day was an opportunity for him to get work done without any "distractions". Yup, that was Ludwig for you.
    So there you stood, once again. He locked you out of his office door. This time, you were a little lonelier than the last. You sat in front of the door and pressed the back of your head against it. You closed your eyes and sighed. Was Ludwig's work really more important than you?
    Meanwhile, Ludwig furiously ran his hands through his hair.
    "I made her upset again." Ludwig mumbled to
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 81 33
My Awesomesauce Prussia
My Awesomesauce Prussia
For the saucers out there

    "The awesome Prussia has arrived!" Your awesome best friend forever, Gilbert, announced as he awesomely flung your bedroom door open.
    You jumped and said, "Mein Gott, Gil! What if I was changing or something? That would be so not awesome."
    "Um yes it would, _______. It would be beyond awesome! I bet the awesome you has an awesome body... but I bet it's still not as awesome as the awesome me and my awesome body." Gil teased.
    "Yeah, yeah awesome this, awesome that. Whatever. Next time, be sure to knock, or I'll send the awesome you and your awesome body awesomely flying home." You winked.
    "You're being such an unawesome nincompoop right now. Relax frau, the awesome me was just joking." Gilbert poked at your sides.
    "Yeah, well
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 105 72
My Hero, America
My Hero, America
For the girls who never acted like "girls should"

    Oh no. This was the end for you. Where was Alfred? You were getting beaten relentlessly by Gilbert and Mathias. Every hit became worse and worse until...
    "THE HERO HAS ARRIVED!" Alfred screamed. He punched Gilbert as hard as he could. Then, he grabbed Mathias and started violently punching him in the face.
    He turned to you and said, "_______! There's still a way you can be saved! The ledge... you can heal yourself on that ledge!"
    You nodded and said, "Right. Copy that. Thanks, Alfred, for being a great hero." You started to sprint to the ledge. There was a series of platforms that lead to the ledge. You began to jump and climb up the platforms as fast as you could. You only had three more to go.
    "Not so fa
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 139 133
My Stalker, Sweden
My Stalker, Sweden

For the SuFin fangirls (same)

    Berwald Oxenstierna wasn't the exactly the class heartthrob. He was tall and muscular, but he wasn't a jock. He was intimidating, but he wasn't a thug. Berwald Oxenstierna was just there. He was one of those weird kids that nobody knew who they were friends with. He was one of those kids and yet nobody was curious enough to find out more about him. He didn't lack presence or anything. In fact, it was just the opposite of that. People just learned to stay away from him, and that was just the way things were.
    You were new to Hetalia High School. In fact, it was your first day. You wondered what group you would end up in. Maybe you'd be popular at this school or on the student council or something. Who knows. All you knew was that you didn't want to be an annoying
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 191 98
APH: National Burger Day 2017 by Surizarin APH: National Burger Day 2017 :iconsurizarin:Surizarin 35 7
Prussia x reader - Two Kisses Please
“Please Gilbert!”
“The awesome Gilbert says no, so no.”
“Just one more trade, please”
Gilbert spread the tons and tons of candy you got from Halloween on the floor.
“Hey Gilbert.” You said looking at the candy.
“What’s your favorite candy? ‘Cause mine are kisses.” You smiled innocently at him.
“Well mine is lick-orice.” emphasizing the ‘lick’ in licorice as he held your hand. But being the dense one you didn’t notice his real intentions and held up a licorice.
“I have a licorice right here if you want to trade.”
Yes, he knew you were dense but not this dense.
“For two kisses?” he asked one eyebrow arched. Nodding your head he smirked as a plan formed in his awesome brain that was inside his awesome head. “Close your eyes.” Closing your eyes with your mouth open you waited for the two kisses. But what you g
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