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C :: Milkteii by rimuu C :: Milkteii :iconrimuu:rimuu 986 35
4. Advantage - Rin Matsuoka x Reader
You were planning a sleepover with your best friend Gou. You were preparing everything, getting the pullout couch and snacks ready. You quickly check the news, major storm clouds were coming in the from the West. You weren't into storms, least you forget blackouts, or thunderstorms, or both together! You were about to have a little panic attack due to the nervousness, but you received a phone call from Gou.
“Hey _____, can I ask you something?”
“Sure ask away Kou.” You said remembering how she hates it when you pronounce her actual name.
“My mom won’t let me come over unless I bring Rin, um, do you mind?”
“Oh, sure I guess, that is fine.” That is what you said but in your head you were freaking out, with happiness.
“Thanks _____! I’ll be there in a few.”
With that she hung up and most likely was getting prepared for tonight. You were actually really nervous to hear that Rin was coming as well, you had a crush on hi
:iconcute-eeveepokemon:cute-eeveepokemon 651 263
Transfer Student! (Rin X Reader) One-Shot
Your eyes scan over the countless smiling faces watching you as you stand in the front of the room. “Hajimemashite,” you say slowly, the syllables awkwardly rolling off of your tongue. That’s… This is the first time we’ve met, right? And then I say, “Douzo yoroshiku!” Nice to meet you!
You glance around the room, just waiting to see if anyone corrects you. It would be a lot less humiliating than wondering if you said it right. The teacher, sensei, began to talk and you quickly rush to your seat. Maybe you actually didn’t make a mistake. You breathe a sigh of relief and continue to look around the room. These are all of my potential future friends. You hope you won’t be stuck with the blond with that hyperactive, almost devilish grin on his face.
The lesson drags on and you can only catch a few words here or there, much to your irritation. but before you know it it’s time for lunch. The students rise up in one massive movement
:iconfan-tan-chan:Fan-Tan-Chan 636 135
bites. (Rin Matsuoka x Reader)
"R-Rin!" you squealed when you felt his teeth sink into your neck. You playfully glared at your boyfriend, who was acting like he did nothing. You pulled away from his tight grip on your waist and twirled to face him. He grinned kissing the tip of your nose.
"You're so adorable (name)~" He hummed, nuzzling your neck, making you giggle.
"Get a room you two." Sousuke joked, his hands landing on both yours shoulders.
"Ah, don't ruin the fun bro. I'm just showing affection for my girl." Rin laughed but soon turned into a painful whine when Sousuke added pressure to Rin's shoulder.
"Ok, OK." Rin almost shouted.
"Thanks Sousuke-kun, he needed that." You patted his arm, smiling warmly at your boyfriend's friend who left you both alone at the pool.
"We're still at the pool, we should go...somewhere private." Rin whispered in your ear. His breath tickled your ear, making you rub in on your shoulder.
"Perv." you simply stated, hitting his bare chest. He shrugged, leaning in to kiss your lips. Yo
:iconjungtaekwoon:jungtaekwoon 757 66
Mature content
Rin Matsuoka X Reader : E c s t a s y :iconshinoxx:ShinoXx 140 13
Matsuoka Rin x Reader: Pocari Sweat (RQ)
"Rin-kun suuugoooii!" you ran up to him and handed him his favorite drink, pocari sweat.
"Ah! Thanks!" He flashed you a toothy grin and opening the bottle, taking a sip before letting out a sigh of satisfaction.
"Nee, (Name)-chan... you made a promise to me, so don't forget it okay?" Rin took a step closer towards you and leaned in to give you a kiss.

You sat up from your bed at the sound of your alarm.
Looking to your side, you hit the snooze button and yawned.
Another dream...
The image of Rin leaning in to give you a kiss repeated itself in your head.
It's been years since you saw him last.
He had left to move to Australia before middle school had began but he has been writing to you ever since... until recently.
For some reason, his mail had stopped coming in and you haven't received any mail from him ever since summer had started.
Shrugging, you got up and changed so you can go for a run.
Rin had just gotten back from Australia
:iconsaucydoll:SaucyDoll 64 20
{49. Umbrella} Rin Matsuoka x Reader
     "If you go out without an umbrella you'll get sick," your voice breaks the silence that once enveloped the calm room.
     "...So, I don't want you to get sick," you reply solemnly, "here, I'll...I'll walk you home, okay?" you start to get up, but quickly you're pushed back down into your seat.
     "I don't need your help," he spits, words filled with venom. He seems so angry today. Had he gotten in a fight? Perhaps he lost a race? Possibilities run through your head but when you hear the door open, you stop.
     "Rin..." you whisper as you watch the door slam shut. You stand up and take your umbrella, running out the door without a second thought. The wind whips at your face as you pull your hood up, quickly running after him, you pull him out of the street, causing a car to narrowly miss him.
     "Rin!" you call, brows furrowed as y
:iconlunabun:lunabun 24 7
cartoons // nagisa hazuki
Laughing along Patrick's lame jokes, you smiled at how much you've grown and still you're watching this silly show
Yes, I'm talking about Spongebob SquarePants
Even though you were already grown, you simply just love this cartoon as you watch it all over again from the start.
“(name)-chan!” A familiar voice called, you looked over to the side to see Nagisa running towards you.
Luckily, he stopped before he could fall or even worse get his head hit.
“Yes, Nagisa-kun?” You asked, not taking your eyes off the TV.
“What are you watching? I always catch you watching this cartoon,”
You smiled, “Nagisa-kun, I'm watching my favorite cartoon since I was a child. It's Spongebob SquarePants,”
Nagisa's eyes then began show interest, He wanted to know much about you and he thinks this is a good time to start.
“Really? What cartoon do you also like to watch?”
You laughed, was he really interested on knowing about that?
“I like Ph
:iconinfinitai:Infinitai 34 5
you'll get the d later // rin matsuoka
“Ne, (y/n)-senpai! Are you sure you're fine with tutoring me?” asked Gou, looking at you with sparkly eyes.
“Of course, Gou-chan! I don't mind, and I'm completely fine with it.” you said, reassuring the girl. 
Gou smiled, and then nodded.
“But, onii-san might be at home too. Are you really sure?” 
Gou knows your little crush on Rin, well, not necessarily little, but huge crush on Rin Matsuoka. 
“Yes, I'm really sure. Even if Rin's at home.” You said yet again as you tried to reassure the girl, you smiled at her and it definitely convinced her.
When Gou left, you sighed, Can I really handle Gou if I can't handle Rin?
“Okay (y/n)-senpai! We should get going now, are you ready?” Gou asks you, you nodded and smiled at her.
She grabbed your hand and started to run your way towards her house.
Panting, you wiped the sweat off your skin and looked at Gou. She sure is doing the same.
:iconinfinitai:Infinitai 210 40
sugar high. // matsuoka rin.
It was 2 in the damn morning. 
You were supposed to be asleep right now. But oh goodness, your eyes were the size of dinner plates. 
You see, you made the mistake of eating a bunch of sweets before bedtime. Cake, chocolates, ice cream, candy—everything. 
But who could blame you? I mean, dessert backwards is stressed
So here you were, wide awake and sugar high on your queen-sized bed. So many thoughts ran through your head and you were starting to hallucinate. You could have sworn you saw a unicorn brushing it's silky rainbow-colored hair and a Leprechaun dancing the macarena. Yes, it was that bad. 
And if you didn't talk to someone right now, you were going to scream and wake up the neighbors. So, you stood up, grabbed your cellphone, and tried your best to stop your sugar high-caused shaking so you could call the only person who could deal with your crap at this unforgiving hour. 
Matsouka Rin
"Mhrm...Hello? (Name)? Why
:iconpinksoymilk:pinksoymilk 48 5
Pirate!Rin x Reader- Pendant {Pirate AU!} [2]
After getting you some clothes, Rin was kind enough to show you around the ship, which was smaller than you expected it to be. Of course, it was still quite big. Lots of people were aboard, all doing their jobs but were sneaking glances at you since there were no other women on the ship. You started to feel a little embarrassed.
"R-Rin... Can we go back to the room?" You asked, tugging on his sleeve. He turned around to look at you. "Don't you want to eat first? Come eat and then go back. You'll get to meet the crew!"
If the crew was like Yamazaki, you knew you didn't want to meet them. You were about to head back but Rin pulled you along.
When you entered the mess hall, everyone there yelled, "Cap'n!!" Rin greeted everyone back.
He took you to a table in the middle of the large room. There, you sat down and Rin went to get you some food.
"W-who are you?" A nervous little voice next to you spoke. You turned to see a silver-haired boy with blue eyes. You smiled a little. "I'm (Na
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 55 8
Pirate!Rin x Reader- Pendant {Pirate AU!} [1]
Watching the waves wash up on the shore, you wished you could be out there, playing in the water and finding seashells to take home. But unfortunately for you, you had work to do. You were a merchant, selling all kinds of fruit. You were grateful you were never hungry, but you weren't rich either. You lived in a small house near the beach and your fruit stand. It wasn't luxurious, but it was perfect for you.
On this particular day, however, you were doing something different from your daily task. You were trying to figure out what sort of necklace a buyer had given you in exchange for a few watermelons and pears. It had a silver chain, that was absolutely gorgeous. You could tell that it was real silver as well, since its feel was smooth to the touch. The part you didn’t understand was the pendant attached to its base.
The pendant was interesting. Remarkable, even. A sapphire surrounded by tiny emeralds. Its ocean blue colour shone in the sunlight and glistened. It was very beaut
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 92 10
. nicknames | Matsuoka Rin
[F/N] had come up with several nicknames for her boyfriend. From Sharky to RinRin, even having blurted out a nickname such as Trash by accident, these were all kinds of nicknames she would throw at Matsuoka Rin. The Samezuka Swim captain would simply chuckle and brush it off. Why? It was obvious that he knew these nicknames were simply ways to get him to crack.
Though, said male had never given [F/N] a nickname. Not even one like ‘babe’ (calling her that might add pervert to her list, not that he minded to be honest) or an abbreviation of her name. It was an enigma to her. No matter how much she’d snap at the tease, nothing really ever happened. A simple “Oh, [F/N]~” and the teasing would begin.
So, the younger female made one goal that day that after Rin had come to pick her up from Iwatobi High, the two would head back to her home, and she’d get him to tutor her, since finals came barging in very soon and she wasn’t the brightest stude
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 119 5
Christmas Without You [Rin x Reader]
Your hands tremble as you slowly reach for the doorknob. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, hoping that you’re making the right decision. You don’t want to leave, but you know it would be for the best to move on.
He made a promise he will come home for Christmas.
It’s come to the point where you can’t wait anymore.
Tears start to take form as you look around the apartment you share with Rin, the home you’re about to no longer call your own.
-- [Flashback] Seven Years Ago --
“Rin, this is going to be our last Christmas together as high schoolers, huh?” you grin at your friend, sitting on the bench beside him as you both watch the snow fall. “You’re going to become a world-famous professional swimmer, and I’m going to attend university in Osaka!”
You notice a serious expression on Rin’s face as he gazes up at the snow.
“Rin, is there something wrong?”
“Didn’t you s
:iconsourumeitos:sourumeitos 144 23
Love Game [Rin x Reader]
12 o'clock noon.
That's the time you both agreed to meet up.
Rin crosses his arms as he leans against the wall, impatiently waiting for you. Months ago his younger sister was insistent on having him go out with you, despite your obliviousness. Somehow along the way, you both fell for each other and have been going out ever since.
"Riiiin! I'm so sorry I'm late!" you run over, panting heavily as you reach up for your chest while gasping for air.
Rin adjusts his ball cap, placing his hands in his pockets. "You owe me for waiting."
"W-wait!" you follow after Rin, noticing his annoyance with you. Is he really that upset with me? you sigh.
Recently you and Rin have been getting into small arguments. One would say that you and him have 'trouble in paradise', especially since you're both going to different universities after high school. You're already anticipating the long distance as Rin plans on going back to Australia while you plan on staying in Japan.
You wear a sad expression as
:iconsourumeitos:sourumeitos 109 21



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