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I Promise |Matador!Spain x Reader|
On the days of your European expedition, you didn’t plan on going to Spain to see bullfighting. In fact, you found the whole past time quite cruel- especially what they did to the poor bulls afterwards. Your family literally had to drag you by your heels out of the villa they had rented.
“Come on, [y/n]! It’ll be fun, this is what tourists do when they come to Spain!” your mother said, fixing her sunglasses in the mirror as you looked out the window. You couldn’t help but snort in reply and kicked your feet up on the seat, ignoring your sibling’s protest.
“I don’t want to be a tourist, mom. I came here to see the city and history- not some sweaty Spaniard tangle with a poor bull,” you crossed your arms to end the conversation, hoping your mom would catch on. She did.
It didn’t take but 5 minutes to get to the arena, a whole line of tourists excitedly snapping pictures of everything around them. Your mom had to open the door an
:iconymurica:ymurica 92 13
A simple little Christmas (Spain x Reader)
I woke up in the morning with an arm wrapped around my waist. I rolled over to find my cute boyfriend propped up on one elbow looking at me.
"Merry Christmas Toni."
"Merry Christmas hermosa (beautiful)."
"So what are we going to do today?"
"How about opening the presents and then breakfast?"
We ran downstairs like little children to the Christmas tree. Along the was I pushed Toni out of the way and he got me back by throwing me on the couch. We kneeled down by the tree and opened a random present.
"I got soap, lotion, and perfume," he said with a confused face.
"I got an Armani sweater," I stated.
"I think we have each other's gifts," he stated.
"Switch," we yelled at the same time while giving each other the gift.
"Aww, I like that sweater," I whined.
"Good because I got you one," Toni replied while handing me another gift.
"YAY," I cheered while kissing him.
We spent the rest of the morning opening the presents. Around lunch time ou
:iconchugoku-4-life:Chugoku-4-life 62 10
SpainxReader Ice-cream Chances [Drabble]
It was a chance meeting that brought the two of you together. 
You had wanted ice cream, and so started to walk to the cafe on campus. On the way there, you got stuck behind an obnoxious trio that flirted with women. 
Good thing they don't see me, you thought. Ah, a thought too soon. The most mild-mannered turned around and saw you.
"Hey chica! You've been walking behind us for some time, come walk with us!"
No. Nope. Never. "Sure, I guess."
He smiled wider, and hugged you as you stepped in line next to him. "Yay! I'm so glad!"
You couldn't help but smile at that. But soon, you'd have your ice-cream.
As you walked, you didn't talk. 
Soon you were at the cafe. Walking inside, you got pulled over to the ice-cream line in front of the person who accompanied you.
"What are you-" "Allowing you to get ice-cream first!" He answered before you even finished.
Maybe he wasn't so bad.
You'd give him a chance.
:icongirafffecupcakes:girafffecupcakes 21 0
PrussiaxReader Towels
    You sighed. You loved your boyfriend, but sometimes he was a bit... much. Like for example, right now. He not only crashed at your house for the past two months, he decided to take a bath every week. And oh great spirit of Prussia, those baths would be your eviction.
    The quickest one to date had lasted an hour and half, and that was only because there was a power outage in the middle. The worst part was that he always tried to drag you in the bath with him. Once he even composed a horrible parody to try and get you to take a bath with him. You had accepted once, and tricked him once.
    Bath time was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because Gil left you alone for a bit, but the bathroom was a mess afterwards. Scratch that, it's just a curse.
    And speaking of curses, that's exactly what you were doing. 
:icongirafffecupcakes:girafffecupcakes 97 42
PrussiaxReader Baths
(~Week one~)
"Hey, frau? Vanna join me for a bath?"
(~Week two~)
"Hey, mein almost as awesome as me frau, wanna go shower together?"
(~Week three~)
"Do you wanna take a bath with me? Come on let's go and wash! You've never washed with me, so start now, and bask in my awesomeness! We've been dating for three weeks, and we haven't washed together, I wish you would tell me why.... Do you wanna take a bath with me? It can be a shower..."
"No. And that is singularly the most horrible thing you have ever sung. Doesn't even fit the rules to be a parody. At all."
(~Week four~)
"Wanna take a bath?"
"Will you be in it?"
"Come on!"
(~Week five~)
"Hey Gil?"
"I'll cash in the bath now."
"Yes! Gilbird, my awesomeness has finally turned my dear precious liebe to take a bath with me! KESESESESESESE!"
"And we will not do anything except sit and relax, and there will be milk and rose petals. And you'll make it and clean up."
"No fair!"
"You wanted this."
(~Week six~)
:icongirafffecupcakes:girafffecupcakes 159 56
Prussia x Reader | I Wasn't That Drunk
     "Uuuuuugh." Gilbert groaned at the brilliant golden light seeping through the curtains of his otherwise dark room. The light... it irritated his hung-over mind. He rolled over, trying to escape the bright source of illumination. The pounding in his head hurt badly. 
     Fed up with the consistent, painful pounding, the platinum blonde opened his eyes then sat up.... or at least tried to. The movement spun his view, upsetting his hung-over mind even more. "Gaaaaah...." He clutched his head in his pale hands. 
     What happened...?
     He swung his legs over the edge, slowly, and looked around. A glass of water and pill(s) sat on his nightstand. 
     Danke (Name).
     The pill(s) arched through the air, then free fell into his mouth. Water washing it down a moment later. He set the glass back down with a thunk, and very slowly stood, rea
:iconsnowkitsunexd:SnowKitsuneXD 381 194
Viktor x Yuuri || Posters
   “What do I do?” Yuuri asked himself as Viktor started to pile all his things onto his bed. Who knew the guy had so many blankets. Yuuri had finally given into Viktor’s request of a slumber party, so here they were, with the Russian man making a nest on the bed. Yuuri was trying not to hyperventilate, these slumber party things had to be something normal in Russia right? Right…?
    “Yuuri, I’m going to take the right side of the bed,” an adorable accented voice called out.
    Yuuri gulped. Under the right side of the bed was where he had all the posters of Viktor he had torn off the walls. He was embarrassed once the pro-skater actually showed up at the hot springs where his family worked and lived; he could not bear to have the posters discovered by Viktor himself. Especially if he was going to be Yuuri’s new skating coach.
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 1 0
Changing of the Guard - England x Reader

Palace Guard England x American Traveler Reader
------- “No one ever said travel was easy. We all get lonely and homesick at some point.” ~ Anonymous -------
The clicking of your heels against the pavement seemed to rhythmically lull you into a sort of daze, allowing your thoughts to wander.  People of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities walked past you through the bustling crowds as you continued to walk down the same strip of sidewalk that you had been wandering on for the past twenty minutes.  Were you lost?  Most likely.  Did you care?  Meh, the whole point of traveling is to get lost, so no…you didn't care so much.  But did you feel lonely?  Yes.  Oh God yes.  Perhaps traveling to London by yourself wasn't such a good idea after all. 
Since you are from the United States, the layout of the town was something you weren't
:iconmysticaldreams18:MysticalDreams18 260 55
Lost Then Found (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
Lost Then Found (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
A/N: This one was just like lightening in a jar for me. XD I literally didn’t stop for anything to write this one mainly because of the song I was listening to while I writing it. It’s called Arwin’s Vigil by the Piano Guys! It’s just soo calming/sad…I don’t know how to really explain it but it’s just so beautiful!! You seriously need to check it out!! (Plus I blame my friend, Haleigh, she was the one who got me stuck on these guys…) But anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this one-shot!!
Please don’t be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! :3
The cold wind pierced through your winter jacket as you tried to cuddle closer to yourself trying to keep the warmth inside. Here, on foreign land, your feet crunched against the fallen leaves underneath you as you walked along the sidewalk hoping to find a spot that would block the cold wi
:iconkibbles518:Kibbles518 123 20
I Swear I'm Up to No Good (England X Reader)
I Swear I’m Up to No Good (England X Reader) [One-Shot]
    A/N: Hey guys!! Yeah, I know its been over 3 weeks and I'm terribly sorry TT^TT The reason why was becuase it took a week for my computer to get fixed, then mid-terms came along and slammed me into no return (I'm still alive though XD) and then I got writer's block DX It's like the world doesn't want me to write or something because I literally started at least seven new reader-chan inserts (one of them being the third Act to Everlasting Mission) and I COULDN"T FINISH THEM!! My brain was like Nope! you can't write or come up with any ideas what so ever... -__- that was my life until now that is. :3 ANY-way, here's a funny reader-chan insert after all most of my have been nothing but feelz lately so I thought why not have something happy for once! ^w^
    So please do enjoy and don't be afraid to comment and/or fav!! Thank you!! :tighthug:

    Knocking on a c
:iconkibbles518:Kibbles518 379 221
Florida Blocking - America x Reader
You stared up at the ceiling of your tent with an unamused expression. 
"Of all the people to share a tent with, it HAD to be Alfred."
You threw your pillow over your head and held it tightly against your ears, hoping to drown the hero's snores. 
Yup, you and the rest of the FACE gang were on your annual camping trip. Actually, you never intended to go but they always had to bring someone outside their group to make sure that one of them doesn't kill each other.
Good thing you came prepared!
Febreeze to get rid of Alfred's hamburger smell? Check.
Tweezers for Arthur's eyebrows? Check.
Pepper spray to keep Francis - er...mosquitoes! Pepper spray to keep French mosquitoes away? Checkity check!
Baby wipes to keep Matthew's maple syrup from making everything sticky? Check.
But sharing your tent with Alfred F. Jones was one thing you were not prepared for.
Once again, Alfred managed to forget his tent. He always bunked with a different person each year and everyone would pl
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 533 202
Hetalia x Reader-America(Chicken Nugget Challenge)
You arrived at the nation's house after being chased by pitbull dog on the way. You knocked on the door loudly while yelling out his name. The door flew open revealing...
“Sup Dudette! Does this lady need a HERO!!” He laughed his signature ‘Hero’ laugh while fist pumping the air.
“ I just want you to do a challenge with me.”
His blue orbs sparkled with interest and excitement. “Is it the cinnamon challenge? Salt and Ice challenge cause I won’t be doing that challenge again since it left a scar on m-“
“No. It’s the 120 chicken nugget challenge.”
“Oooooh great timing! I’m already hungry so let’s do this!” He once again fist pumped the air.
You stare at the three boxes of 20 pieces of Mcdonald chicken nuggets in disbelief. You weren’t sure if you can finish 60 nuggets in 20 minutes. You glanced to America who was already excited on eating these nuggets.
:icontittehmcswerg:TittehMcSwerg 5 0
Hetalia x Reader-Prussia (Chugging Milk Challenge)
You arrived at the nation's house after being chased by pitbull dog on the way. You knocked on the door loudly while yelling out his name. The door flew open revealing...
“Oh hey frau! I thought you veren’t coming here.” He said leading you inside his so called awesome house.
“So vhat does zhe frau vant vith zhe awesome me!!”
“I don’t vant anything from you. I want you to do a challenge with me”
This got the albino’s interest.
“And vhat challenge zhis may be?” He questioned raising an eyebrow at you with a smirk.
“So ve have to do is just drink a gallon of milk? VHAT KIND OF STUPID CHALLENGE IS ZHAT! ZHE AWESOME ME HAS NO TIME FOR ZHAT” He exclaimed holding up a gallon of milk in his hand.
You rolled your eyes at his remark and remained seated on the garden chair. “If you don’t do this challenge, you won’t be proven to be ‘awesome’ enough.”
“Hmmm..fine fr
:icontittehmcswerg:TittehMcSwerg 11 2
HAIR Tutorial :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 456 9



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